Rekindling a Relationship

Do you ever stop to think why it is that some men put their women on pedestals and treat them like a princess even when they have been together for years, their women always have their full attention whenever they are together. These are the guys that are still buying flowers for their loved ones after years of being together, the guy that always remembers the birthdays, anniversaries and every other special event without having to be reminded the week before. They never ignore them to watch their favourite team play, they never nip off to the pub for a drink with their mates. If this sounds familiar to you then you need help rekindling a relationship.

It has been shown in recent reports from relationship specialist that you can get the exact same results from your man. You can get the same love and attention irrespective of how long you have been together, or how bad you think your relationship may be.

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You have probably never considered trying to unlock the secret to getting the affection and love you want from your man. However once you have discovered the secret, it is possible that you can quite literally alter the way your man reacts towards you, rekindling your relationship and having him treating you like a princess once again.

Let me explain what I mean by asking you a question:

What is the one thing that you or your man does that really gets him going? You know what I mean, maybe it’s a certain look, maybe a word, maybe a shrug of the shoulder or a flick of the hand – the one thing that gets right under is skin.

If you know it drives him crazy the result will typically be the same whatever it is.

Within seconds his face will be bright red, his heart will be pounding in his chest and he will either explode in a fit of rage, run off and hide in the garage and you will not see him for hours, or he will sit there with a face like thunder, not saying a word.

So what just happened? You just hijacked his brain, are you familiar with the term “fight or flight response” you just witnessed it. This is the reason that a small misunderstanding can turn into a full on battle.

Inside everybody there is a small walnut sized portion on the brain that is our internal guard that is on call 24/7 It’s called the amygdala, it is this that is responsible for alerting our body to danger. The amygdala does this by processing all the information that is coming into your brain and it searches your memory to decide if the information needs to trigger a friend or foe response.

This response is automatic and happens almost instantly, if the memory of that action or word is a bad memory, this will trigger a negative response by you and you will have next to no control over it. This is what is known as neural hijacking and it can quite literally stop love and intimacy from entering in to the relationship.

This automatic negative response can very easily be triggered by those eye rolls, those little shoulder shrugs and any other body movements or statements that you have done in the past that are related to negative reactions by you, these condition your man to react negatively.

Once these negative reactions have been triggered, that’s it, your man is not going to listen to you at all. You will both go round name calling, finger pointing and laying blame to each other. The good news is that it is possible for you to uncover what these triggers are for both of you, you can then go about planting, nurturing and harvesting new feelings of intimacy, love and rekindling a relationship.

Here’s how to go about Rekindling  A Relationship;

Firstly you need to stop and think of a few actions or sayings that you know set your partner off. Be specific. If you dig deep enough you know what they are, you may pull a face or use a specific tone in your voice or a phrase you use when answering him. Anything you do that gets a negative response from him, write these down and remember them.

Secondly, go to the source, go and ask him what it is that you do that sets off these negative responses, make sure you let him have his say, don’t go on the defensive, just stop and listen. You may find that he is reluctant at first to share this information, he may not even be aware that something specific is triggering these negative results. After you have got your list here’s what to do..  DON’T use these words or actions at ANY COST. This will help you rekindle romance.

It really is that simple. So unless you like spending your time on dating sites and end up in the divorce courts avoid using these actions or saying the words that trigger these negative reactions that cause problems in your relationship.

Once you have removed these triggers from your relationship your partner will not have those mental blocks and you will have a lot easier time rekindling a relationship and building affection and intimacy again.

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